The rain that kept you under the covers for too long this morning is predicted to potentially develop into full-on thunderstorms. If the forecasts from the National Weather Service and the prophets at Weather Underground are to be believed, we're in for more rain and with it thunder and lightning later this afternoon.

“Depending on how fast [precipitation] fell, that much rain in a short period may be heavy,” Steve Anderson of the National Weather Service told the Chronicle. “That is the nature of showers — quick and heavy, then nothing.”

According to Anderson, the responsible weather system moved inland over the Pacific where it encountered the moisture from the remnants of a tropical storm, one that CBS SF reports was previously a hurricane.

Showers are expected to continue today with a respite in the early afternoon, followed by the potential for storms in the late afternoon and early evening. With rain in the air, Anderson says "It’s going to be warm... [but] the humidity will make it feel warmer than it is.” Expect temperatures in SF to be in the upper 60s, while the North bay is in the mid-70s and parts of the East Bay are in the 80s.Tomorrow through the weekend prepare for sun in the City with temperatures in the 70s.

No complaining, because the drought.

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