We've all gazed upon our SF Giants a million times while they're in uniform, but how often do we see them dressed in (presumably) their Thursday-go-to-meet-the-President best? Technically I guess we do every two years, counting their visit to the White House today to be honored by President Obama for their 2014 World Series triumph.

"Welcome to the White House" Obama began, "well, for these folks I guess it's 'welcome back,'" before acknowledging the presence of local notables like Ed Lee, Nancy Pelosi, and, most importantly, Willie Mays.

"They've got that even-year magic, that championship experience...I seem to be good luck for 'em," the president Selina-Meyered, before singing the praises of Madison Bumgarner, "and I'm not talking about his locker room celebrations."

You can watch the entire ceremony below, but get ready to scrub forward: the raw video, sent by the White House, is a little funky, as the event doesn't begin until the 21:29 mark and ends at 40:40, with a lot of fast-scannable stuff in between.