Parents of sophomores at Alameda's Encinal High School are calling for a teacher to be fired after he allegedly, perhaps jokingly but still very weirdly, asked students to seek out their parents' sex toys and condoms and take a selfie with them for extra credit.

As parents tell CBS SF, at least one student claims to have been successful in his efforts, showing his classmates the picture for reference. It remains unclear whether or not he received credit.

Kimberly Cobene and Evangeline Garcia, mothers of sophomore daughters at the school, heard about the "sex toy selfie" through an after-school counselor. When asked, administrators indicated that the "assignment" may have been proffered sarcastically. That, nonetheless, would be off-putting and bad. But, says Garcia, "If the kids took it as a joke, then why did one kid take it serious and actually did the extra credit work, and was shown as an example in class?" If it were shown in class as alleged, that could be some indication as to the teacher's conduct.

Representatives from the district are not commenting on this ongoing investigation.