Photo by Demetrios Lyras

Excellent news on the boozy movie theater front: Along with the Sundance Kabuki, the AMC Bay Street (Emeryville), and the upcoming Alamo Drafthouse Cinema at the New Mission, the AMC Metreon is applying to add a liquor license to their offerings and open one of the chain's McGuffins Bars at the SoMa location. As Socketsite reports, AMC has applied for the permits and gotten a thumbs up, so far, from zoning, but the liquor license still needs to be purchased.

It's unclear how long we'll be waiting for this or where in the Metreon complex the bar would go. But like the Kabuki it's likely going to have to be on a segregated floor, or devoted to a specific set of screens, because the liquor license won't apply to the entire premises.

Meanwhile, at the Landmark Embarcadero, they've been offering beer and wine the last two years in a bar/lounge area, but, sadly, because of the liquor laws and their few number of screens, you can only enjoy these adult beverages before or after the show.

A couple years back we'd heard that The Roxie on 16th wanted to sell beer and wine, too, but that plan hasn't yet come to fruition, and liquor licenses in the Mission are notoriously hard to come by because of a moratorium that's been in place since 1996.