A woman who dropped off a classic Apple computer has a $100,000 check waiting for her.

The electronic waste recycling firm Clean Bay Area is looking for a woman who dropped off a rare Apple I computer back in early April. She was dropping off boxes of waste that she cleaned out of the house after her husband died and left without a tax receipt. Two weeks later, the firm discovered the Apple I in the boxes and sold it earlier in May for $200,000. "We are looking for her to give her $100,000," Clean Bay Area VP Victor Gichun told the San Jose Mercury News, because it was the company's policy to split proceeds with donors.

The Apple I was the first product sold by the tech giant back in 1976. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak manufactured 200 of the computers, and sold them for $666.66. Today around 63 of them are confirmed to exist, with only six confirmed to still work.

Gichun says he hopes to get the money to the woman to help her out after the death of her husband. Although he doesn't know her name, he says he'll remember her on sight.

"I remember her," Gichun said. "To prove who she is, just need to look at her."