Leave it to the noble citizens of Reddit to discover and exploit a glitch in Apple's mobile software that allows users to shut down another person's iPhone by sending them certain text message. No we're not going to print what it is, yes it's pretty easy to find.

As CNBC reports and BuzzFeed confirms by trying it out, the text contains a variety of characters including some in arabic. If it tries to display the text as a notification, your phone freaks out and shuts down.

CNBC has heard from Apple, who are working on a a software update to fix this.

Some Redditors are chattering about the glitch also affecting Apple Watches.

If your phone is turned off by the text and can't turn back on, according to CBS you can log into your computer and have Siri send you a text message to wake up your iPhone.

Others claim this whole mess can be completely avoided until that patch arrives simply by disabling notifications. That sounds like a good fix, but generally, we can all hope our friends wouldn't do this to us. Right, guys?

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