We all forget things every once in a while, and I'm certainly not going to argue that there's necessarily shame in being forgotten. Your toothbrush, the wireless bill, to water the plants — everyone's done it. But what if the lapse comes on a wider stage, and the thing being forgotten is San Francisco's mayor?

According to KCBS, California Governor Jerry Brown was supposed to be making an endorsement speech for Mayor Ed Lee at a PG&E sponsored conference at SF's Ritz-Carlton Thursday.

Instead, over the course of the 15-minute-long speech, Brown "talked about his own accomplishments and the issues of the day," but didn't mention Lee once.

“San Francisco is booming, California is definitely back,” Brown said at one point, which seemed like an opening to give Lee ups...but no.

It appears that it wasn't until Brown left the stage that he remembered what he'd come for. Returning to the microphone, he added:

“I have an announcement...Vote for Mayor Ed Lee for re-election, will ya?”

You can watch Brown's heartfelt, ringing endorsement for yourself here:

Thank goodness he remembered to head back and make that endorsement, as the Chron reports that "The Lee campaign had a press release all ready to go and distributed it minutes after Brown left the stage — for the second time."

Of course, Brown could have walked off without endorsing anyone and it wouldn't have mattered — Lee is running unopposed, unless you count folks like this YIMBY or that "Journalistic Experiment"er. So, yeah, unopposed. Hell, Brown probably could have endorsed his new puppy and Lee would still have a firm grip on Room 200.

But, still, ouch!