When KRON4's Stanley Roberts was in Hayward hanging out with a California Highway Patrol officer, he likely expected to get some speeders or light-runners on his camera. But the other day he caught a much bigger fish, a truck reportedly owned by a member of the San Francisco Fire Department, but with a fake registration sticker on its license plate.

According to Roberts, who caught the whole thing on tape, CHP pulled over the driver of a pick-up truck for passing a stopped school bus — as Roberts noted, a violation that gets you a $700 fine.

When the driver of the truck handed over his registration, it had expired in November of last year. But the truck had a current sticker on its license plate, so what gives? According to Officer Bowers of the CHP, it looks like someone (perhaps the truck's owner?!?) took the 2015 license plate sticker from "somewhere else" and affixed it to the truck's plate.

That's "false registration," which gets your car (and this truck) impounded. The car's driver, who may or may not have been the vehicle's registered owner, took off in a cab. But before he left, he told Bowers that the truck belongs to a San Francisco firefighter, who will have to explain the whole situation if or when he or she goes to pick up his now claimed-by-the-state pickup.

Now that's a conversation I'd love to see. Stanley, any way you can be there for that one?