It's likely you've seen the dirt bike organization reportedly known as "Chicken Shit" tooling around San Francisco — I fondly recall watching a Friday, April 10 attempted takeover of Market Street that fizzled when more than one member knocked their motorcycles out of gear and couldn't figure out how to get them restarted (how embarrassing!). It looks like the assembly was doing a little better last weekend when Hoodline reports that they hit the area of Haight and Masonic Streets, doing wacky, illicit tricks up and down the road.

According to videographer Lorenzo Belda, Chicken Shit took to the Haight for a session of "wheelies and burnouts." Though Hoodline reports that the bikes Chicken Shit ride "are not street legal," most off-highway motorcycles can, indeed, be registered for street use. Since these guys don't appear to have plates, though, it's pretty safe to assume these bikes aren't legal to ride.

What's definitely against the law are the tricks these folks are pulling, as well as the failure of many to wear a helmet as they rode. Hoodline commenters agree, with one witness saying that "it was a serious pain in the ass, and left me wondering where the cops were," and another saying "Where were the cops? These guys should have been arrested, and the bikes impounded."

According to those commenters, the Chicken Shits visited Haight and Masonic at least three times: Friday afternoon, Saturday at around 4 p.m., and Sunday at around noon.

You can watch a video of Saturday's action below.