A Watsonville woman who was renting her back master bedroom to a couple on Airbnb made the grave mistake of accepting rent in cash after the Airbnb transaction ended. Then it seems she let the guests stay more than 30 days, and just like those Russian brothers who gamed the system and got to stay in a Palm Springs condo for a couple months rent-free last year, this couple legally became her tenants, and immediately stopped paying rent. But here's a question: Why would anyone need a short-term rental in Watsonville? Vacation?

As KPIX/CBS 5 reports, the homeowner, Poonam Sandhu, is now stuck with these two awful people in her house, using her kitchen, and holing up in her back bedroom. She tried to serve them eviction papers during this three-week standoff, but they just ignored her, as you can see on surveillance footage she shot in her kitchen. And, depressingly, they did something to screw up her sewage system too.

The con-artist couple, just like the Russian brothers, have a record of getting away with living rent-free — there have been several other eviction judgments against them in Santa Cruz County alone.

As real estate lawyer Leo Siegel tells CBS 5, "A hundred years ago maybe you could call Jack the Leg-Breaker, and he would take care of it for you, but you can’t do that anymore."

Airbnb has washed their hands of the case given that the woman essentially did begin renting to the couple as a landlord, after their Airbnb stay. So this truly was her mistake. Doesn't she read the news?

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