Yes, we know that SF's cab industry is struggling to remain in business, but today we have news of at least one well-heeled cab passenger. Unfortunately, the passenger is also a bank robber. Sorry, cabbie!

According to a police spokesperson, at 1:15 p.m. Wednesday a man walked into a bank on the block of 2300 Fillmore Street, which is between Clay and Washington Streets in the heart of Pacific Heights.

The only bank on that block appears to be a Bank of America at 2310 Fillmore, but police declined to confirm the exact location of the incident.

The man (described by police only as "a white male") handed the teller a note demanding money. The teller complied, placing the cash on the counter. The man grabbed the cash, and hustled out of the bank.

Once on the street, police say that the man hopped into a cab, which transported him from the scene.

As of publication time, police did not have any additional information to offer, including if investigators believe the person behind the wheel of cab was aware that he or she was transporting a robber from the scene of his crime, or if the robber bothered to tip his driver.