Get ready to be sad again about how not-rich you are: A couple recently closed on those two extremely nice, newly built condos on South Park which were listed separately for $3 million and $5 million and were already record-setting prices for the neighborhood. Socketsite confirmed what Curbed was already speculating back in April when the units both sold on the same day, that they were both snapped up by the same buyer who now has a large, very expensive single-family residence on the quaint and sometimes homeless-inhabited SoMa park.

The combined square footage, then, is 5,300 square feet, and it's unclear if they'll keep his and hers apartments (or his and his/hers and hers), or if they'll be looking to combine the units, or keep the lower one as a guest suite. The upper unit, as mentioned earlier, has a back terrace and a roof deck, and a saline hot tub.

We get a blind-item clue, as well, about who the buyers are: "while neither works at Google, Apple, Facebook or Twitter, one half of the couple did co-found a software company which was recently acquired by another which has been around since the 80’s."

Any guesses? Some recent acquisition by Adobe or Microsoft perhaps? Anyway... must be nice.

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