A 11-year-old boy who was running to catch his Muni train was instead struck and killed by it this morning, according to a spokesperson from the San Francisco Fire Department.

According to SFFD spokesperson Mindy Talmadge, at 8:28 this morning the child was struck by a M-Ocean View train near the intersection of San Jose and Lakeview avenues.

According to CBS5, the victim was an 11-year-old boy who lives in the neighborhood, and who was running to catch the train.

“The M [Ocean View] just came and it was already moving and it hit him and he got [dragged] underneath, so it’s just real sad,” a witness told CBS.

He was pronounced dead at the scene, Talmadge says. As of publication time, he has not been identified.

Talmadge says that the boy's mother was at the scene of the collision.

“Oh she was hysterical,” a witness told CBS.

“She was trying to move the train. She was trying to pull the kid from under the train. She just lost it. And we’re trying to get somebody to get here. They got here about 10 minutes after the whole thing happened."

Muni officials say that as a result of the collision, the M is turning back at the corner of Broad Street and Plymouth Avenue. Motorists are also advised to avoid the area, as San Jose remains closed for several blocks in both direction.