Our annoying summer weather pattern seems to have hit early this year, with the marine layer thick and slow to burn off in the late afternoon and evening temperatures getting mighty chilly. But there might be some respite by the weekend, fingers crossed.

While Weather Underground is showing virtually no change in the 10-day forecast, showing almost identical highs and lows every day (50-63ish) and the high hitting each day at 3 p.m. on the button, that may not be the full story. As CBS 5's local color-blocking fashion icon and demoted weather anchor Roberta Gonzalez tells us today, via a reader question, we may get some relief from the heaviest fog by Thursday.

Says Roberta:

The marine layer has remained fairly steady for the past 24 hours at roughly 3,000 feet. This is quite extensive! There will be very little change over the next few days with patchy drizzle at night and early mornings.
Computer modules indicate this low pressure system will dive south from the north on Thursday and mix out the clouds associated with the marine layer...
After the low pressure system is out of here, we will return to the onshore flow, however the marine layer will not be as extensive as our current cloud cover, which means earlier lifting of the clouds and more sunshine for the weekend.

That's good news for those of us who got a little carried away celebrating the mini-heatwave last Thursday, and those of us who have FOMO and go quietly insane at our desks on those rare warm, sunny days that happen too early in the week for us to enjoy them.

But this is May! And May is traditionally a time when we get to shed layers, loll about in the sunshine, and perhaps even wear shorts out at night. We got to do this one day — one day — last week, on April 30, and there's nothing suggesting we'll get another one too soon.

Average temperatures this week, historically, are around 67 degrees, with the average going up to 69 by the end of the month — and record temps in May have been in the low to mid 90s, though maybe not this early in the month.

So, bust out the scarves and parkas again, and schedule your Vitamin-D-soaking outdoor time for around 4 p.m. for the next few days. And hopefully Roberta will be correct and we'll have a warmer weekend in store than this last one.