Sent in by a tipster, the door hanger to the right was reportedly hung from the doorways of "many" Mission residences this week. What's the deal, does anyone know?

The only words on it are, as you can see "Anything you say can and will be used against you," a phrase anyone has ever been arrested/watched TV knows is passage in the Miranda warning given to criminal suspects in police custody. In the image sent to us, you can see two hands and a cell phone ā€” that's just the photographer caught in the tag's reflection.

Custom door hangers aren't cheap when you make them, as these are, out of reflective foil. Buyers can expect to pay between 80 cents to $1.90 per hanger, depending on order size (based on a cursory Google search).

That's why, when Jay and I were discussing the hangers this morning, I assumed it was some well-heeled company's attempt at a viral marketing campaign ā€” one that we're playing into by publishing this post, I am well aware. But Jay, who is usually far less doom-and-gloom than I am, says he's worried that it's something darker.

'I don't think it's marketing," he IMed to me this morning. "My instinct is that it's something creepier."

Did you get one of these left on your door? Any idea what it's pimping? Do you think this is marketing, creepiness, or creepy marketing?

Update: Here's the answer.