In the wave of marches and protest actions hitting Oakland today in recognition of May Day, the first appears to have been somewhat unsuccessful — a morning action at MacArthur BART intended to disrupt tech shuttles drew about 50 people at its height, according to KQED, but quickly fizzled as protesters realized most of the shuttle busses weren't coming. Due to the early announcement of the protest, shuttles for companies like Facebook, Apple, and Yahoo! diverted their shuttles and had commuters find them at alternate stops.

And this Twitterer sums it up.

But over at the Port of Oakland, things are just ramping up. By all accounts, hundreds gathered as of 9 a.m., chanting "Freddie Gray, Michael Brown, Shut it down!" and "Black Lives Matter." As Hamed Aleaziz has been tweeting on behalf of the Chronicle, the protesters have already marched over the Adeline Street overpass and are making their way into downtown. This group is being led by the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) Local 10, a union to whom Gray's family had some connections.

This march is expected to be followed by a rally at Latham Square in downtown Oakland this evening. The Port is expected to reopen after an eight-hour, planned closure.

Update: The gathering in downtown Oakland is now growing, and Aleaziz says it may number in the thousands now. And nearby, at 14th Street near an entrance to the 980 freeway, the ILWU drill team is marching in step and blocking the onramp.