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Looking forward to an awesome meal after work is a good start.

Even if you love your job, it’s easy to watch your week unravel over simple inconveniences. A time-consuming commute, the residual stress of a board meeting when you're at home, or just being too exhausted to factor eating into the equation...they all take a toll. Of all the suggestions out there on how to make your work week more manageable, here are three simple tips that will actually have you seeing change in no time.

1. Take the Edge Off Your Commute

Maybe you already have this one on lock, but if not, it's a crucial part of helping yourself out after a long day. Pre-load your phone with tons of games and music (and make sure they work underground!) or search out some books that'll help time fly. If you drive, find some audio books, take up learning a new language, or make yourself a mix that'll get your blood pumping for a big day or help you relax after a long one.

2. Focus on the Unwind

Sometimes a routine after work makes a big difference. Try to keep your bedroom tidy, and make your bed every morning before you leave—walking in at the end of the day will feel like you're entering a hotel room all set up for relaxation. Instead of hurrying through dinner and falling onto the couch, go straight to your room and throw on your PJs, then go about your evening. Another big step is deciding on the evening's TV or movie lineup ahead of time. Who knows how many hours you've wasted indecisively scrolling before settling on Season Two of My Cat from Hell. Don't do it!

3. Let Plated Make Dinner Fun, Not Stressful

Instead of waffling over what to eat and when to shop, let Plated do the heavy lifting. Just sign up, choose your dishes and a delivery date, and a box of fresh, pre-portioned ingredients will arrive at your home, along with a simple-to-follow recipe. Plus, you'll get to experiment with new dishes and ingredients you might have never thought to try before. Invite over a friend and cook together, or take the opportunity to spend some quality time with your partner. It's easy to forget a long day with a glass of wine, a delicious meal, and great conversation.

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