So, how about them Dubs?!!! Oh, right, this is where we spill ink on the Giants. Yeah, about them…

They're not playing so hot right now! They're hardly playing at all, actually. I mean, yes, they're "playing" in that they have technically participated in real-life Major League Baseball contests, but when the first 14 games of the season includes a 7-game losing streak, having been shut out three times, having scored two or fewer points in eight games, sitting at a 4-10 record and in the basement of the NL West, yeah, you can say they're not really playing. Not well, anyway.

Hunter Pence is injured. Matt Cain is injured. Jake Peavy is injured. Brandon Belt is, um, making an interesting start to his breakout 30 HR/90 RBI season. And, of course when we're down, look who's coming to our blessed little city: the Bums. LA, with their 9-3 record and their 1st place standing in the division and their shiny 7-game winning streak. Los Angeles, with their aspirations and delusions and the crass way in which they spend their money. They are ill-made, spiteful creatures, full of envy, lust, and low cunning. They double-park their cars and they still wear True Religion. The Bums.

But let's nevermind them and our wretched start to this season. Because you know what? World Series Champions, that's what! Kiss the rings and all that obnoxious stuff you get to say when your team wins the World Series, is what. If history holds steady, the Giants aren't even supposed to make it to the playoffs this year, so screw it, let's revel in last year. What the hell is the use of winning three World Series in five years if we can't be more insufferable than we already are? Kiss the rings, suckas! And go Warriors! Er, I mean, Giants.

Season to date: 4-10 (.286), 5th Place in the NL West

This Week
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Tue: home v. the Bums, 7:15 PM
Wed: home v. the Bums, 7:15 PM
Thu: home v. the Bums, 12:45 PM
Fri: at Colorado, 5:40 PM
Sat: at Colorado, 5:10 PM
Sun: at Colorado, 1:10 PM