At least 10,000 people arrived at Hippie Hill to get stoned together for 4/20 yesterday, despite it being a chilly Monday, and once again a huge pile of trash was left behind. As CBS 5 reports, "mountains of munchie wrappers" were left to be cleaned up, and at least one person had to be forcibly detained by police in the aftermath of the smoke-out.

ABC 7 reports that five people in total were arrested by the SFPD, some in the aftermath as it spilled onto Haight Street — "one for assault with a deadly weapon for hitting someone on the head with a bottle, two more for outstanding warrants, and two for intoxication."

Also, "Paramedics say they answered calls from [an undisclosed number of] people who ate marijuana-laced food and became dizzy or passed out."

It also seems like there was a pretty hefty underage contingent coming here especially for this party, which happens every year. ABC 7 spoke to a couple of anonymous teens who said they'd skipped class and drove in from Fresno just to be a part of the party.

The Department of Public Works was tasked with the cleanup, but because the unsanctioned event has no sponsor, a local pot dispensary, Green Cross, chipped in with donations and volunteers to help with the cleanup.

And of course, once again, KRON 4's Stanley Roberts found some People Behaving Badly, getting all up in the faces of stoners with his news camera trying to wag his finger about the fact that this event is totally illegal. One stoner carrying around a stick with bowls strung from it, offering free hits to everyone, offers Stanley a puff and like a complete square, rather than just saying "no thanks," he says, "I don't have any medical problems." He also captures a dude losing his mind and running around with a knife in his hand, which was eventually confiscated by park rangers.

In other news, that mime girl or whatever she is, is awesome.

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