At the end of last month, the public learned that one staple of North Beach's traditional Italian dining scene, Capp's Corner, would close. But, writes KTVU, a last supper at Capp's on Sunday was one to remember.

Word came down after long but private and eventually unsuccessful negotiations between the building's landlords and current owners, Maureen and Tom Ginella. In the end, it seems like the couple wasn't able to pay its renovation costs, some of which were necessary for ADA compliance.

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Though the Ginellas have owned and operated the business for the last 27 years, Capp's Corner first opened its doors in 1963, taking the name of owner and boxing promoter Joe Caporale. Over the years, the restaurant stayed true to its traditional roots, with family-style dining, soup served in large sharing bowls, and traditional decor, like red and white table clothes, low-lighting, and hung pictures of well-known customers.

One such patron was there in the flesh last night. Governor Jerry Brown, a childhood friend of Tom Ginella's, had even campaigned to keep the restaurant afloat.

While the Ginellas are as sad as any of us to see Capp's shuttered, the couple is retiring to Hawaii and probably doesn't need too much sympathy. "It's the way it is," said Maureen Ginella. "Things change, and life is part of that." Arrivederci — or aloha, I guess.

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