It takes 16 wins before an NBA team pops the corks and hoists the trophy and is crowned the king. And if the sky catches fire across the entire Bay, it means the Dubs have won those 16 games. One down, fifteen to go.

On Saturday, the Warriors hosted the number 8-seed New Orleans Pelicans for Game 1 of the Western Conference Quarterfinals. Although dominant throughout most of the game, the Warriors somehow allowed the Pelicans to make it unnecessarily and uncomfortably exciting in the 4th quarter. That's what can happen when you play in the West where, unlike in the East, the 8th seed is a legitimate NBA basketball team with a winning record and stars a potential best-player-in-the-league. Still, the Warriors were up by 25 when the Pelicans made their desperate charge and the game was never truly at risk. Final score, Dubs 106, Pelicans 99.

The Warriors cheat. They don't play on an even field, er, court — they play at the Roaracle. It's long been known that the Warriors have perhaps the most rabid fan base in the NBA. Even during their 40 years of suckage, the fans have made sure visiting teams left the Bay with tinnitus. Game 1 was no different. Earlier today, Pelicans coach Monty Wiliams pointed a finger at us, the fans, and claimed what we were doing was illegal. Williams said: "I'm not so sure the decibel level is legal, and I'm serious. They've done studies on that. For the competition committee, there's got to be something to that. It does get a little out of hand. Their fans, I've talked about it for years, they have some of the best fans in the league." You hear that Warriors fans? They've done studies on you! Good job, people.

The Warriors again host the Unibrow and the Pelicans tonight at 7:30. If you're going to be at the Roaracle, turn that mother out.

One down, fifteen to go. Let's go Dubs!!!

Western Conference Quarterfinals

Game 1: Pelicans 99, Warriors 106.
Game 2: tonight, at home, 7:30 PM

Game 3: 4/23, at New Orleans, 6:30 PM
Game 4: 4/25, at New Orleans, 5 PM

Game 5: will not be necessary!
Game 6: will not be necessary!
Game 7: will not be necessary!