"I had an incredible childhood," glows Dominique Crenn, the two-Michelin-starred chef of Atelier Crenn, in this episode of Culinary Journeys on CNN. "Spending time on the farm in Brittany with my uncle. I knew it was special." To recreate a Basque fisherman's favorite dish, Marmitako, a fish stew with potatoes and tomatoes, Crenn travels to San Sebastian... and then back for a local, Bay Area rendition.

"San Francisco is about the local produce, people that take pride abut the things they do," says Crenn. "Chefs are not the rock stars. Farmers are the rock stars." To tailor-make her dish, she even tours a Sonoma vineyard for the appropriate wine pairing. You can check out the rest of the episode below. Remember, it isn't binge watching unless its food TV.

Atelier Crenn, 3127 Fillmore Street between Pixley and Filbert Streets