Last month we caught the news that Lark was headed for the former Brandy Ho's space at 4068 18th Street. Now, after a brief remodel, Lark will open with its "new American" menu on Monday, April 13.

As we learned before, the project is a spinoff of sorts of Polk Street Mediterranean spot Dunya, with the same chef-owner Coskun Abik, so it's not surprising to find some of the same Middle Eastern flair creeping onto Lark's menu as well. There's a dish of Kurdish meatballs (beef and lamb); hummus with warm lamb chunks; and a bulgur wheat salad with parsley and lemon that sounds a lot like tabbouleh.

But there's also a burger — oh, that's lamb too — a ribeye steak, baked cod, roasted mussels with a mustard-white wine sauce, and a roast chicken dish billed as kotopoulo, a Greek lemon chicken dish.

So yes, it's American, in part, but kind of more Greek/Mediterranean than anything. And just to be clear, Lark has no relation to Lark Creek Steak, or the Lark Creek Restaurant Group.

See the full menu below, and check out the wine selection here.