Solidifying our town's reputation for being a shameless haven for many thousands of overgrown children, the 15th annual Bring Your Own Big Wheel race down Vermont Street happened on Sunday drawing hundreds, along with their plastic trikes.

While drag fans and lovers of ironic Jesus impersonators flocked to Golden Gate Park on Easter Sunday, fans of childish modes of transportation and gravity-induced chaos flocked to Potrero Hill for the annual Big Wheel race. And if you feel like you didn't hear much about it on social media, that is kind of by design — organizers have decided that the event has basically reached capacity in recent years, and they ask those in the know to "KEEP YOUR BLABBING TO A MINIMUM."

As is tradition, all metal and metal-spoked tricycles are forbidden, so it's hard plastic all the way, and everyone rolls down SF's actually twistiest street banging into each other, and the hay bales that serve as guard rails.

The race didn't go on until 4 p.m., after the rain had passed through, and it looks like everyone had a swell time once again.

Play on, San Francisco.











All photos by Bhautik Joshi/Flickr.

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