We learned last month that 40-year-old, kitschy, waterfront standby Sinbad's was headed for imminent closure, but at the time the restaurant's owners, the Stinson brothers, made some statements that suggested they weren't going to cooperate with a previous agreement (already extended) that would force them out by March 21. That deadline came and went this past weekend, and as Inside Scoop reports, the owners now appear to be in a standoff with their landlord, the Port of SF, awaiting possible forced eviction by the Sheriff's Department.

To back up a second, the Stinsons agreed a couple years ago to vacate the premises on Pier 2 — which the Port plans to demolish next year to make way for a new ferry terminal — on December 31, 2014. That agreement got a three-month extension, to March 21, but the Port isn't messing around this time. They offered the restaurant a one-week extension, which would have given them until March 28, but the Stinsons have yet to appear to sign that agreement.

Last month Duane Stinson insisted, "We’ll be here for quite a while," and suggested the Port didn't technically need the property back until next spring, when their construction is set to begin. But legally speaking, the Port has the right to kick them out now by force, and today the Port is serving the Stinsons with a 30-day notice to vacate. As the Scoop explains, this "will begin the unlawful detainer process, as they are officially willfully trespassing."

And that means that sheriff's deputies might be expected to come knocking as soon as April 22. Stay tuned.

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