A group of about 40 reported teenagers decided to take to Highway 101 South on Sunday afternoon and Cruz from SoMa toward the Excelsior, as this guy on Reddit shows us. This was recorded around 3:45 p.m. yesterday, and according to one commenter, this gang of cycling kids using the slogan "Bike life" organized a big group ride through the city yesterday that included a trip down the Embarcadero. "They mob through the neighborhood in like groups of ten but it's insane they got into the freeway and that they were that deep!"

It's not entirely clearly, but there might have been some pretty young pre-teens in this group. As another commenter who witnessed this freeway parade says, they were at one point acting a lot like Critical Mass, even if they may not even know what that is. "At several points the kids were fanned out across all lanes, weaving back and forth. About half of them were teens but the other half looked only about ten. I watched one try to pop a wheelie, fall off the back of his bike and almost get run over. Traffic wasn't slowed because of rubberneckers, everybody was afraid of smearing ten year olds across the freeway."

Yeah, yikes. But anyway, Critical Mass: Here are some of your future participants.