"Cryst" and "Sheep." That cryptic slang has been spray-painted all the way from Market Street to Treasure Island in what amounts to thousands of dollars in damage.

But now, police say they've apprehended the tagger responsible, according to KTVU. 18-year-old Andrew Yarbrough of San Francisco was found photographing his own graffiti in Dolores Park, carrying with him spray paint in a bag.

"He was at Dolores Park up at the tennis courts, holding a cell phone and pointing it in the direction of a wall that had the tag that said c-r-y-s-t," Captain Perea told KTVU.

When KTVU confronted Yarbrough, he answered a single, burning question: what do Cryst and Sheep mean? "Cryst means crystal meth and sheep means conformist gentrification and all that other shit," he replied.

According to police, a tipster recently saw a man resembling Yarbrough tagging public property and was able to describe him to police. Public Works plans to consult with the City Attorney's office in order to take civil action against him.

Coincidentally, here's an SFPD tweet that contained what might be a Yarbrough tag.

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