A Mercedes-Benz F 015 self-driving concept car — though probably one with a human driver at the wheel — was tooling around the streets of San Francisco yesterday in what Wired speculates was part of an advertisement shoot.

Since there don't seem to be permits for them, the automated driving features of the car weren't likely in use. There were, of course, filming permits, as the Film commission points out to us. Still, it looks like it could be driving itself, because the thing is basically covered in one-way mirrors such that you can't see inside. The concept, however, is really built for automated driving, even equipped with spinning seats for the driver to chat with backseat passengers. Another cool feature: when the vehicle senses a pedestrian ahead, it can project a crosswalk onto the pavement.

Honestly, with the number of Teslas, crazy-looking electric BMWs, and people riding motorized skateboards on our streets, this "futuristic" Benz doesn't look too many years out of place. The company plans to put cars with some autonomous functions on the market by 2020, but don't expect this one just yet — even if you nicely ask the lord to buy you one. That said, never fear: Google has announced that it may have its self-driving vehicles ready later this year in a shortened timeline, so you can not drive one sooner than expected.

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