The increasingly tragi-comic ridiculousness of Burning Man continues today with someone posting a pair of tickets to Burning Man on StubHub for $1 million apiece. Perhaps this is some kind of political statement or pre-playa performance art piece?

The Reno Gazette-Journal notes the proliferation of scalpers who have already popped onto the scalping site, with the average market price of a scalped BM ticket currently around $2,000, with some going for the low-low price $1,050 apiece — a 170% markup from their $390 face value. That price may be worth it to many Burners, given that only a limited number of tickets remain to be sold during the final "OMG Sale" in August. (There's also the Burning Man secure ticket exchange, where markups aren't allowed, and that will open on March 11-12, and close on July 24.)

But, as is natural and predictable, some greedy folk have posted tickets for $50,000 apiece, and there, in fact, two tickets up there for $1,000,000. Oh, sorry, the second one is priced at $1,000,000.90.

Obviously no one is going to pay that. It is a joke, surely. And I find it hard to believe that anyone — even a startup flush with cash looking to take a group for a company retreat — would spend $50K for a ticket either.

Nevertheless, this is our world, and this is Burning Man 2015.

Someone is bringing a jumbo jet art car this year, and 200 jerks hacked their way to get to the front of the ticket line last week — although Black Rock City pledges to have all their tickets voided.

Best of luck not getting run over by a 747, or worse, by Elon Musk's ultra-luxe RV.

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