In a photo shoot Monday for Giants Magazine, Madison Bumgarner, the SF Giants World Series MVP pitcher also known for his chugging abilities, his themed underwear, and his honorary Dothraki-ness shows us yet another facet to his personality...a decidedly lumberjacky one.

According to CBS5, the above photo tweeted by the SF Giants shows "Bumgarner in full Paul Bunyan mode - along with an obligatory ox - to help illustrate the viewpoint of Bumgarner’s extraordinary exploits on the field, similar to the folk hero’s tales of physical strength."

For the sake of comparison, here's Disney's animated short, "Paul Bunyan."

Eagle-eyed viewers will note that Bunyan relies only on suspenders, while Bumgarner opts for the two-factor pant protection of suspenders and a belt. Indicative of something, I'm sure!

MadBum completionists should keep an eye on this page for ordering info on 2015's Giants Magazine, which will contain Monday's shoot and more. Until then, the above photo will have to do.

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