Five-year-old Radius (1123 Folsom Street) is giving up the ghost, as Inside Scoop reports, and will be morphing into two new concepts over the coming months. The restaurant will serve its last dinner on February 28, and the next-door, daytime cafe will shutter as well. But the cafe side will reopen, sounds like maybe in March, as a wine bar/cafe called Carafe. That will serve SoMa's daytime population some healthy lunch options, as well as sandwiches and Radius's existing fried chicken sandwich, and become a wine bar in the evening.

Owner Jon Whitehead is remaining on board, with some new partners on the way, and he says the restaurant half will become a new concept that's still TBD, sometime later this year.

Radius opened in 2010 with the concept of serving only food that was sourced from within 100-mile radius, hence the name. A few chef shuffles and some internal turmoil later, along with an expiring lease, Whitehead says he doesn't want to let it go, but it's time for a change.

Notably, Radius played host to some early test dinners for Rich Table chefs Evan and Sarah Rich back in 2011.

It sounds like whatever the new concept, it will be more casual, since Whitehead says fine dining is "tough" in that neighborhood. I guess that is unless you're Saison or Benu?