Professional stowaway and highly articulate, obviously mentally ill person Marilyn Jean Hartman has been laying low since a spate of successful free trips she took around the western U.S. last summer, or so we thought. Now KRON4 reports that she just turned up, and got arrested yet again, in Jacksonville, Florida, staying for free at a resort there.

CBS 5 notes that the 63-year-old Hartman copped to having stowed away most recently on a flight out of Minneapolis (don't blame her in February!) to Jacksonville on Sunday. She boarded a free resort shuttle at the airport and managed to check into the Amelia Island Plantation resort about 30 miles away, taking a room that was booked under another name but using her own credit card. Suspicions were roused when the person who had booked the room showed up, and Marilyn relocated elsewhere in the resort to a room that was under renovation. She was nabbed there on Monday and booked into Nassau County jail.

It just goes to show what you can get away with when you're a seemingly innocent, older white lady! She just blends right into any crowd and travels the country.

It remains unclear how she got to Minneapolis. Last we knew she was a Bay Area resident, however her last stowaway arrest was in Phoenix in August. Prior to that she'd been caught multiple times trying to board planes at SFO, before she successfully made her way onto a Southwest flight out of San Jose to LAX. There she did a couple of days in jail before getting released and cheerily talking to reporters.

Hartman has admitted she suffers from chronic depression, as well as a condition she calls "whistleblower trauma syndrome." SFist earlier uncovered a couple of old blog posts Hartman had written which provided a couple of clues about her past, and which also revealed that she's been at this stowaway game for many years, to varying degrees of success.

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