CBS 5 has this video of sick, malnourished sea lions who are flooding the Marine Mammal Center in San Rafael. It's a tough watch, as you can hear the animals moan and cough. "They're being separated from their mothers, they should be nursing. They are emaciated, skinny, like a bag of bones,” Shawn Johnson, Director of Veterinary Science at the Marine Mammal Center, told the channel.

Not all the pups can be saved, with a volunteer explaining that “It’s really hard to go by in the morning and occasionally one of them dies during the night because it was so far gone and to carry a little 20 or 30 pound baby animal down to our necropsy is just, yeah, really hard.”

By now, KPCC radio in Pasadena speculates that the number of stranded animals on the Coast has exceeded that from 2013, a year during which the National Marine Fisheries Service declared an "unusual mortality event" for West Coast sea lions.