In a segment titled "Les Measlesrables," The Daily Show's Jon Stewart wagged a finger at "science-denying California liberals" in regard to new cases of the measles that have have some California lawmakers rethinking the "opt-out" provision of the state's vaccination law.

Specifically targeting San Francisco's northern neighbor, Stewart jabbed, "This is Marin County... they practice a mindful stupidity." Here's the segment:

But some on Reddit are prescribing Stewart a dose of his own medicine, or lack thereof, pointing to a 2005 Daily Show interview with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. In the episode, Stewart humors the Kennedy's speculation about vaccines and autism, at the end of the discussion saying “I appreciate you getting the word out."

It's important to remember that, at the time, such beliefs were far more fashionable than they are now, and that the single study that linked vaccinations to autism was debunked in 2009. But a decade later, Stewart — and the science — are crystal clear. "California if your crazy wellness ideas only affected you, I'd be fine with that have all the fair trade organic espresso enemas you want. ... but your choice puts other people in jeopardy."

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