After a completely rainless January in SF, we're happy to see that a storm is coming through the area as soon as later today. But with that rain, the National Weather Service warns, will come big winds — and unless you got here yesterday, you know that SF's infrastructure and big gusts are unmixy things.

That's why the NWS has issued a Wind Advisory for the entire Bay Area from 4 a.m. Friday to 4 a.m. Saturday, warning of sustained winds of at least 35 miles per hour, and gusts as strong as 60 mph in higher elevations.

While it's going to be blowing all over, areas including Point Reyes, the North Bay's interior valleys and mountains, the shoreline all along the San Francisco Bay, and interior areas of the East Bay, East Bay hills, the Santa Cruz Mountains and the Santa Clara Valley are expected to be hit the hardest by the invisible foe.

Besides screwing up your hair and turning your umbrella inside-out, heavy winds can have a big impact on SF: the NWS says we can expect downed trees, downed power lines, and possible power outages as a result of the gusty weather. I'd add to that Muni disruptions if the overhead lines that power their trolley-style buses and light rail get blown down, and since BART's Oakland Airport connector seems to crap out every time trash blows on their tracks, there might be that to contend with, too.

Finally, if there's one thing San Francisco's trees are great about during wind, it's falling down. Please be careful where you park and mindful of what's above you as you walk!

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