The prime suspect in what everyone is now calling The Suitcase Murder, Mark Jeffrey Andrus, had been living on and off for about a year in a friend's fourth-floor apartment at the Sala Burton Manor complex at 430 Turk Street. As ABC 7 reports, the 59-year-old Andrus did not have an apartment of his own, but was known to stay at the public housing complex, and a neighbor named Bill thought of him as a "very nice guy."

The Chronicle dug up court records showing Andrus had arrests back in the '80s and '90s in his hometown of Missoula, Montana for drug possession and burglary. He's been a denizen of the Tenderloin for at least five years, having stayed with a female friend at the Krupa Hotel at 700 Jones Street for a couple of years back around 2010.

A sister-in-law in Spokane says she and her husband hadn't heard from Andrus in about 20 years.

Police say they have surveillance video of Andrus rolling the very suitcase in which the dismembered body was found down the street about two blocks from where it was discovered on Wednesday afternoon. You can see some of this footage in ABC 7's video above. The suitcase, along with some other scattered body parts, were discovered amid trash near the entrance to the Goodwill at 86 11th Street. The head, hands, and lower arms of the victim remain missing, and the body has not been identified.

Just hours after releasing photos of Andrus to the media on Friday, the SFPD arrived at the Turk Street apartment building and detained both Andrus and another individual, leading Andrus out of the building with a sheet over his head. He was arrested later that night, in the wee hours of Saturday, and police have remained confident in their statements that the evidence against Andrus is significant. We don't yet know if he offered any confession, but he'll be arraigned this week.

Public Defender Jeff Adachi says, "We generally enter a plea of not guilty and then begin the investigation of the case."

Police are still seeking more information about the case, which can be directed to the homicide unit at 415-553-1145 or by email to [email protected]. You can also text a tip to “SFPD” at TIP411, or call the anonymous tip line at 415-575-4444.