It's been a disappointing month for vegans after the announcement of the closure of their beloved Millennium, not to mention Source. But now there's a bit of good news: Weird Fish, the vegan-friendly pescetarian spot in the Mission that seems to have nine lives (it's closed and reopened at least three times, if memory serves) hasn't closed as it was scheduled to this month, and Capp Street Crap informs us that the new owner is delaying the closure until early summer.

As we reported earlier, the new owner, Irfan Yalçin (Pera) is planning to open a bistro in the space with the name Le Bon Vivre.

But once again the vegan mafia has made their sadness known that they never want to live a day without their Buffalo Girls in the Mission, and Yalçin has decided to incorporate some of Weird Fish's best-loved vegan dishes into the new menu.

Meanwhile, Weird Fish proprietor Peter Hood says he plans to open another location of Weird Fish somewhere else, at some point.