You'll recall that the NFL was abuzz just over a week ago with rumors about all the coaching talent that the 49ers were interviewing to replace Jim Harbaugh. Well, it turns out that management has made just about the most underwhelming choice they could have out of that cast of choices, as the Chronicle reports, promoting defensive line coach Jim Tomsula. I guess that saves them human resources headaches, anyway.

No one seems ovely excited about this news, because it doesn't represent any sort of influx of new blood. SFist's own Daisy Barringer puts it thusly:

And then there's this:

The Chron writes, "Tomsula has been the head coach of an NFL team for a grand total of one game, taking over the 49ers for the fired Mike Singletary for the season finale back in 2010. To his credit, the 49ers won that game."

The 49ers, though, were quick to find a dozen people cheering the news on Twitter, and internally, Tomsula is very well liked. Wide receiver Anquan Boldin told today, as though reading from a script, "I think for teams to be successful, you have to have as much continuity from year to year as much as possible. And I think hiring Coach Tomsula gives us that continuity. The less change that you have, I think, the better chance you have to be successful the following year."

In related news, the Raiders also announced their head coach pick yesterday, and it's Denver Broncos defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio.