The show's over at Supperclub as the decade-old SoMa restaurant and performance space is packing in to become a pop-up.

Supperclub, which has two locations in Amsterdam (one aboard a cruise ship) plus outposts in Istanbul and LA, will close its San Francisco location after one last event on Friday, January 23. As Inside Scoop reports, there's also an “everything-must-go” party on Sunday, January 25 from 2 p.m. to 2 a.m. featuring drink deals, memorabilia sales, and more. Folks will remember 10 years of prix fixe menus enjoyed while lounging on white leatherette beds alongside unique shows from acrobatics to burlesque to lube wrestling.

In 2005, Supperclub debuted as the first American branch of the “restaurant, cocktail bar, club, gallery and experimental free state all rolled into one.” The space was a million dollars in the making on Harrison between Second and Third. “When Supperclub first came on the scene in San Francisco, we wanted it to be a platform for the emerging arts, a different place where people could showcase things,” Michael Anthony, Supperclub's special event coordinator and a partner-member, told Inside Scoop, noting that Burners were quite supportive.

The closure also tells the story of a changing neighborhood. "We started looking at whether it's financially viable to renew a lease with the current state of the pricing in the area," Anthony said. "We wanted to change our direction anyhow after 10 years.” It's also about changing restaurant ideals. General manager Brad Ramacher spoke to gentrifying San Francisco nightlife, saying that "A lot of the bars are becoming clones of each other."

That said, Supperclub's new incarnation as a pop-up and catering operation is right on trend, though a mobile Supperclub will likely be a far cry from the usual night out. The new concept will debut on Valentine's Day with a three-month residence at 430 Mason Street, home of Slide. New chef Michael Goshorn will be joining the team, and you can expect some drag, light bondage, and the occasional trapeze.

657 Harrison Street between Second and Third Streets