Forget Yellowstone Park — San Francisco had a geyser of its own Monday afternoon, when an errant construction worker caused an eruption that soaked the Union Square Apple store, and all that surrounds it.

According to San Francisco Public Utilities Commission spokesperson Tyrone Jue, a construction contractor hit the fire hydrant near Stockton and Ellis Streets at around 4:55 Monday afternoon. The result? Water shooting far above area businesses and leaving the area soaked.

The San Francisco Fire Department managed to get the gusher shut down about ten minutes after it began, Jue said. According to the Chron's Kale Williams, Market Street was flooded at its intersection with Stockton Street following the incident, but Jue says that all the water eventually made its way into storm drains.

The SFPUC still needs to repair the damaged hydrant, Jue says, and the investigation into how and why the contractor hit the fire hydrant is ongoing.