Kamala Harris is most definitely going after outgoing Senator Barbara Boxer's seat in the 2016 election as this morning SF's very own favorite hair model Gavin Newsom announced he would not be chasing it himself. He made the announcement via Facebook just an hour ago saying, "It's always better to be candid than be coy," and explaining, "I know that my head and my heart, [that] my young family's future, and our unfinished work all remain firmly in the State of California."

Politicos had already been strongly suggesting that Gavin was better suited to run for governor in 2018, and both Gavin and Kamala knew it would "political suicide" to run against each other, since they share the same donor and voter bases.

But meanwhile local old coot/power broker Willie Brown took some time in his Sunday Chronicle column to float Jerry Brown's name out there for a Senate run. "The Senate fits his broad intellect, and he’d be 78 when he took office, which wouldn’t even make him the oldest senator from California — Dianne Feinstein will be 83." This would of course line Lieutenant Gavin up to take over as governor in the interim, since Brown's term wouldn't be up for two years, so it's a win-win for them, and leaves Kamala out in the dust waiting for Feinstein to retire.

The Chronicle's Matier & Ross suggest that this will be a Bay Area-based fight, because even though former LA mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's name has been floated for the Senate seat — along with current mayor Eric Garcetti's — Northern California traditionally does much better in terms of voter turnout, giving our candidates' the advantage.

And let's not forget that longtime Congresswoman Jackie Speier might be angling for the job too, unless Kamala convinces her not to.

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