A GoFundMe campaign set up two weeks ago to assist the San Leandro family of the window washer who survived an 11-story fall last month in SF's Financial District has more than tripled what the family initially asked for, thanks in part to heavy media coverage of the case. As the Chron reports, the family of Pedro Perez had asked for $20,000 to help make up the difference between what they were receiving from Worker's Comp and what Perez's full income actually was. But thanks to donations from almost 1200 individuals around the Bay, that fund is now over $73,000.

Says Perez's eldest daughter, Monica, "It means a lot to us to know that we’re not alone and that people are willing to give us what little they may have just to help us in this time of need." And, she adds, "It also gives my father a peace of mind to know that we won’t have to struggle any longer with the bills and that we are going to be OK."

Perez, 58, miraculously survived the fall on November 21 by landing on the roof of a passing Toyota Camry, the driver of which was not injured. He suffered head trauma (but no major brain damage), internal bleeding, and broken bones but he's been making a slow but steady recovery at SF General ever since. Soon, the family says, he'll be moved to a rehabilitation facility in Pleasanton, and they say he is eager to get back to work — "but not as a window washer."

Earlier in December there was some much publicized controversy regarding the slow response of Perez's union, SEIU United Service Workers West, in offering any assistance to the family.

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