Santa comes but once a year, and when he does arrive at your humble abode, he demands to be fed like Cookie Monster. Saint Nick has also grown dissatisfied with Chips Ahoy and your take on the Toll House recipe, so this year why not step it up with these cookie options, which represent some of San Francisco's best.


Craftsman and Wolves
Santa likes the caramel crispy chocolate chip, but he doesn't mind the chunky peanut butter, either.
746 Valencia Street between 18th and 19th Streets

Gingersnap, lemon, and above the crazy cookie are all sure to please. You can also order online.

925 Larkin St. between Geary and Post Streets; 2123 Fillmore St. between California and Sacramento Streets

Dough & Co.
Sweet and salty is the best combination, and this chocolate chip cookie has the perfect balance. Also, it's eggless, which you really won't notice and means that you can eat the dough without being paranoid.
Check here for locations.

Hooker's Sweet Treats
Santa wouldn't mind some bread pudding to go with a peanut butter chocolate chip melted caramel cookie.
442 Hyde St. between Ellis and O'Farrell Streets

Flour & Co.
Yep, the oatmeal praline cookie is a standout, but that monkey bread at Flour & Co. though...
1030 Hyde St. between California and Pine Streets

20th Century Cafe
There's just one cookie to get at this excellent Eastern European café, but its crispy perfection.
198 Gough Street between Oak and Lily Streets

Tout Sweet
Inside this colorful patisserie you'll find equally playful delights, so get a stocking full of macarons and the "WTF cookie" FTW.
170 O’Farrell Street between Stockton and Powell Streets

B. Patisserie
Everything's delectable at this Lower Pacific Heights shop, with the kouign-amann a standout, but the fudge cookie above is basically an amazing brownie. Also, if you head over tomorrow you can snag a buche de noel!
2821 California Street between Divisadero and Broderick Streets

Merigan Sub Shop
At this East Coast Italian-inspired sub shop, it doesn't matter how full you are after lunch: get one of these signature cookies, to go at least.
636 Second St. between Brannan and Townsend Streets

Marla Bakery
Sweetening up the Outer Richmond and a must-hit for brunch, Marla is also a surefire choice with almond, peanut butter, and chocolate cookie delights.
3619 Balboa St between 38th and 37th Avenues

Devil's Teeth Baking Company
Perhaps best known for its flaky, savory breakfast sandwich, Devil's Teeth has also got a ginger cookie so good Santa might stick around your house.
3876 Noriega St. between 45th and 46th Avenues

Hot Cookie
Don't tell Mrs. Claus, but Santa might fancy some of the more creatively shaped treats at the Castro's Hot Cookie.
407 Castro St. between 17th and Market Streets

Anthony's Cookies
The cookies and cream meta-cookie is, of course, a favorite, but there are more than enough options at Anthony's to fill a box.
1417 Valencia St between 25th and 26th Streets.

Amy D. via Yelp