Last week the 49ers decided to drop Ray McDonald after his third run-in with San Jose police in six months relating to violence against women. Earlier the drama had to do with McDonald's pregnant fiancée, who claimed McDonald hit her during a night of partying for his 30th birthday on August 31. (Charges were later dropped.) The latest development is a new sexual assault allegation by another woman, and details of her case have now been unsealed by Santa Clara County Superior Court, as the Examiner reports.

The alleged incident happened on December 14, the night of the 49ers' most recent trouncing by the Seattle Seahawks in Seattle. As the story goes, per the woman's affidavit, McDonald and some friends were out drinking in a San Jose bar after returning from Seattle, and the woman and some friends of hers decided to come out to meet them. The night ended at McDonald's San Jose home, where he brought the whole crew, and where the woman claims she suffered a fall out by McDonald's pool. She says she hurt her head, and the next thing she remembers is waking up in bed naked with McDonald. She then proceeded to hang out at the house with McDonald and his friend, fellow 49ers player Aldon Smith, drinking vodka the next day, December 15, and he then admitted that they'd had intercourse the night before. It was only after this that she apparently went to police and was administered a rape kit at a local hospital.

As ABC 7 reports, an investigator then began texting McDonald from the woman's phone, pretending to be her, and suggesting that the sex had not been consensual.

Here's the transcript:

McDonald: "Yes, get the morning after pill." Detective: "Ugghh :( that's not cool." McDonald: "(Expletive) just happened." Detective: "I don't remember anything. I don't know how I could've been enjoying anything. My friggin head hurts." Detective: Wats (sic) your address? I'm gonna have my friend drive me there." McDonald: "I won't be home for a while." Detective: "Is there someone that can give me my stuff?" McDonald: "I'm going to get u (sic) your stuff... I can drop your watch off to u (sic) on my way home from work... where do you want me to bring it?" Detective: "I'm just really bothered by all of this. I don't really want to see u (sic) right now." McDonald: "I don't understand why you're bothered by all of this. U (sic) chose to stay with me for another day." Detective: "Yeah but u (sic) shudve (sic) had sex with me after I was knocked out! I cudve (sic) died! Are you an expert on head injuries now? The more I think about it, the madder I get. But, don't worry, I'm not going to say (expletive)." Detective: "I mean that u (sic) shud (sic) not have had sex. Stupid autocorrect." McDonald: "I didn't do anything wrong. Like u (sic) told me before u (sic) started coming on to me." McDonald: "Like I*." Detective: How can I come on to u (sic) if I was drunk and woozy from hitting my head? U (sic) know better than that." McDonald: "Because u (sic) did." Detective: "A real gentleman wud (sic) know that u (sic) don't take advantage of a woman wen (sic) they are like that. I thought you were a nice guy. Guess I was wrong."

Investigators got a search warrant for McDonald's property last week and seized some surveillance video that may show the truth of what happened, or how aggressive McDonald was.

It is unclear if he is still engaged.

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