Who hasn't jumped in a stranger's car thinking it was their ride home? These days everyone is an UberX driver, right? Well, proving she's just like us but with a larger peanut gallery, that's what outgoing Oakland mayor Jean Quan did last Friday, popping into the wrong Toyota before realizing her mistake.

Fortunately for Quan detractors everywhere, the event the mayor was leaving was a walk intended to highlight East Oakland's prostitution problem. Naturally, that led SF Weekly to hint at the kinds of jokes you'll probably leave in the comments.

The most obvious quip has been taken, though. According to East Bay Citizen, who was on the scene for the blunder, Oakland Councilmember Noel Gallo "couldn’t help cracking wise." Reportedly, he jibed that she "got in the car like she was hustling!"

Even though Quan is a lame duck these days, she says she isn't really going anywhere. “I am not going to be one of those mayors who just sort of goes away and leaves the city,” Quan told the Chronicle, making an obvious reference to former mayor Jerry Brown. “I plan to live and die in Oakland, and I plan to be active. I’ll be honest — we are looking at other options statewide, or maybe some other national work.”

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