As we told you earlier this year, third-wave Coolatta® purveyors Dunkin' Donuts will be dipping into the Bay Area. Now we know to expect them in 2016, and where.

26 Dunkin' "restaurants" will begin to arrive in the Bay Area in just over a year, and then the company's slogan "America Runs on Dunkin'" will sound a little more accurate to those of us who have never run on Dunkin'. More than 250 locations are planned for California over the next several years with over 1,000 part of a long-term statewide goal. The best news: 26 of those will be in the Bay Area.

The company has 11,000 restaurants in 33 countries worldwide. And a Dunkin' franchise can fit anywhere, from a gas station to a college campus. Per today's release: "In an effort to keep the brand fresh and competitive, Dunkin' Donuts offers flexible concepts for any real estate format including free-standing restaurants, end caps, in-line sites, gas and convenience, travel plazas, universities, as well as other retail environments."

Back in September, Dunkin' opened its "first full expression California restaurants in the cities of Santa Monica, Modesto and Downey."

How will they fully express themselves in San Francisco? Shade-grown Dunkaccinos®?