For the second night, protesters canvassed different parts of Oakland Tuesday in response to Monday's grand jury decision in Ferguson, Missouri, briefly disrupting traffic on two freeways, setting bonfires, looting, and generally harkening back to similar protests during the days of Occupy and the Johannes Mehserle verdict. As the Chron reports, Oakland police arrested a total of 43 people in connection to the protests, and officials say that three police officers were injured during the chaos, including one who suffered a concussion after being hit in the face with a brick.

In contrast, a separate protest in the Mission district in SF was completely peaceful.

A march in downtown Oakland around 6 p.m. turned violent as protesters moved to enter the 980 freeway at the 18th Street onramp around 6:30 p.m. They succeeded in stopping traffic briefly in both directions. As KRON 4 reports, the group at that point was about 300 strong.

Another group, or parts of the same group of protesters, got onto the 580 freeway around 9 p.m. near Telegraph Avenue, and police also quickly cleared them from the roadway in riot gear.

Roving bands of protesters looted and vandalized multiple businesses around Oakland last night as well, including Subway, Walgreens, a Mercedes dealership, a BMW dealership, and a T-mobile store. Sentiments, as with previous Oakland protests, extended beyond the immediate anti-cop, justice-for-Michael-Brown variety to include anti-corporate, anarchist messages as well — something that has frustrated Oaklanders over the years especially as it's come to light that many of the masked anarchists who come to town for these protests do not live in Oakland.

Oakland homeowner Patrick Taylor put it to the Chron thusly as he put out two fires outside his house: "I’ve lived in Oakland my whole life. Fuck these motherfuckers. It’s fucking stupid, these out-of-town, lifelong activist whatevers."

On Monday night, a larger group protesters managed to shut down the 580 freeway near the Lakeshore onramp for an extended period of time.

KRON 4 has a collection of images and more from social media. Here's a sampling, most of it from this guy.

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