A window washer who fell from the roof of an 11-story Financial District building was is in critical but stable condition Friday, perhaps saved by the moving car on which he landed.

KCBS reports that the man fell from the Sterling Bank & Trust building at California and Montgomery Streets at 10:03 Friday morning.

They report that the man and his colleague were "adjusting their cables from the roof while their working platform lay on the ground," when the man apparently lost his balance and fell.

The man fell onto a Toyota Camry that was approaching the intersection, Bay City News reports via the Ex.

BCN reports that Bianca Bahman, 31, a pre-med student at SF State was passing by when the man fell. She says that "the car's roof caved in and there was blood everywhere" as the man landed on the vehicle.

A witness tells KCBS that “I was actually looking in the direction of where the fellow fell off the building and I saw something blue out of the corner of my eye falling and then I heard the loud thud and the shattering of the back of the car.”

About 20 passers by, including Bahman, rushed to the man's aid, while others began to direct traffic around the scene, KCBS reports.

“Everyone did the right thing, we didn’t disrupt the integrity of the spinal cord. We covered him with clothing. He was obviously in shock,” the witness said.

Remarkably, San Francisco Police Department spokesperson Sergeant Danielle Newman says, the driver of the Camry and the many pedestrians in the area all escaped injury in the incident.

The man, who is described thus far only as "middle-aged," was rushed to San Francisco General Hospital. At publication time, he remains in critical but stable condition.