All of our fears of a city — or, dear Jesus, a nation — crawling with Glassholes appear to be unfounded. As Reuters reports, engineers at Google have fled the project left and right and app developers generally agree that the hope of a consumer wave of Glass-wearers is all but dead. Praise the Lord. God is good.

An unnamed source at Google put a potential consumer launch of Google Glass in 2015 sometime, according to PC World, and Google's head of business operations for Glass Chris O'Neill says the company is still committed to a consumer launch, though.

But others who've had potential investments and projects in the works related to Glass seem more pessimistic, saying that a lot of the developer work has already pivoted away from consumer apps to business apps, like for use in surgery, for instance, or the Dubai police. Third-party developers that had been working on apps related to fitness, for instance, have put those projects on indefinite hold.

Three weeks ago we learned that one major player, Twitter, had decided to stop work on their Glass app. And in July, the nerd convention to end all nerd conventions, ComiCon, banned the use of Google Glass.

There's some suggestion that this industry-wide disinvestment has come for the most obvious of reasons:

“It looks super nerdy,” said Shevetank Shah, a Washington, DC-based consultant, whose Google Glass now gathers dust in a drawer. “I’m a card carrying nerd, but this was one card too many.”

And when you've lost the nerds, you're done.

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