Lots of holiday cheer and zero cars or cranes will occupy two blocks of Stockton Street in the Union Square shopping district this season. Construction for the new Central Subway project (coming soon in 2019) looks to be complete between Geary and Ellis, where today a redditor grabbed this picture and wondered "So, I guess post-construction, Stockton doesn't exist anymore..."


For the moment, they're right: The street will be “an inviting open plaza in the heart of Union Square” reads the cheery copy for Winter Walk, running from November 28th to New Year's day. Caroling is included, and so is Off The Grid, who will be around for lunch and dinner every other day of the week.

While closed to cars in 2011 but open to buses, taxis, bikes and pedestrians, Streetsblog reports that retailers on Stockton saw a boost in business. Construction in past years, however, has had the opposite effect.

Who knows: if the plaza is a pedestrian hit, perhaps it could endure year-round? After all, that does appear to be durable astroturf, making it a great spot for sit-ins like the ones at the Beach Chalet soccer fields last week.

Photo: Imgur